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Porch enclosures that let cool breezes in and keep bad weather out!

Hot Tubs...The Eze-Breeze Way!

Hot tubs. If you’re lucky enough to own one, chances are that you like to use it as much as possible. Unfortunately, contending with Mother Nature and her elements can often be a challenge and seriously limit your opportunities to indulge in bubbly, 102-degree relaxation. So what can you do to take back your tub-time? Allow us to present…spa-zebos!

Not new, but definitely improved

Now, we didn’t come up with the idea of building a gazebo around your hot tub…but we certainly believe that we’ve made it better! A standard gazebo can absolutely add some visual appeal a basic spa, but as the AT&T commercial says, “We Want More!” Can a gazebo keep the bugs out? What about stopping pine straw or fallen leaves from blowing in during windy weather? A hot tub with a gazebo enclosed with Eze-Breeze products can do just that!

But wait, there’s more

How about those perfect, sunny but cool days? A gazebo will work wonders to keep the sun out of your eyes, but nobody likes to get out delightfully hot water just to be frozen by gusting winds. Eze-Breeze has you covered there, too! Just close the vinyl sliders and you’re in business. For our Northern friends, feel like making your neighbors green with envy? Spend some time in your Eze-Breeze enclosed hot tub while watching the snow flurries!

Making your own spa-zebo

Obviously, you’ll need to start with either the hot tub or the gazebo and add the missing element. From there, decide if you’ll be installing your Eze-Breeze products yourself or if you’d like to have them installed by an independent contractor. Check out our Eze-Breeze DIY page to get more information about self-installation. If you’ve got the skills to tackle the project on your own, request a quote! Rather have someone else do the handiwork? Find an Eze-Breeze dealer near you and ask about installation.

Do you have a spa-zebo? Share your favorite part about it in the comments section or email us a picture to share on this blog!

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